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Help us remove 20 garbage trucks (500 mt) of plastic waste  through our three incredible impact partners.

Impact Partner

                        Help us remove 500 metric tons of plastic waste from nature through our Plastic Waste Impact Drive. Every contribution will support one of our three incredible impact partners.

                      Every contribution will receive an impact certificate, be displayed in our Commitments database, and be shared throughout the campaign.


Under this program, these workers who are primarily female will receive above-average pay, personal protective equipment, and primary health insurance for those individuals who need it. The project is also working to provide education and guidance to local governments to build sustainable waste management infrastructure in places it does not exist. The plastic credits from TONTOTON are the world’s first from an independent protocol using 3rd party verification. 


Meet the visionaries

Founded by the Plastic Scorecard, our Impact Drive is powered by conscious companies going beyond the status quo to help us meet our 500 mt Impact Collection Goal. 





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