What's our story?

The Plastic Scorecard was created by Ampliphi, a talented team of sustainability specialists and an external scientific advisory board. ClimeCo, a leading global sustainability company, recently announced its acquisition of Ampliphi and its plastic action program, the Plastic Scorecard. These assets will further enhance ClimeCo’s ability to deliver authentic sustainability results with expert-led advisory services and complement ClimeCo’s suite of global advisory services to promote a circular economy. Read the press release here.


positive impact

Environmental action has never been more critical than it is today. It is up to organizations to lead the way to a low-carbon, circular future.

Companies that take action have the unique opportunity to contribute to a better tomorrow and unlock tremendous business value. The Plastic Scorecard’s framework enables strategic and verifiable progress, addressing the most pressing global challenges. We streamline the complicated world of environmental action to ensure your company can communicate accurate and science-based progress.

Together, we can achieve a world without waste.

Our sustainability

Our sustainability strategy rotates around an axis of creating a world free of the burden of plastic waste. We stand by the concepts of intersectionality and believe we must recognize the interdependence of all systems.

Our mission is to build a company that cares about the planet more than profit. A mission to prioritize upstream action as much as downstream. A mission to treat people and our environment with the same level of concern.