To help you make continual progress and demonstrate sustainability value, we have a team of expert sustainability consultants who can provide advisory, workshops and bespoke planning.

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Our expert sustainability
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Our team consists of experts in environmental analysis, business transformation, stakeholder engagement, sustainability strategy, communication, design, copywriting and brand development. 

We are here to help your company at every step of it’s sustainability journey.

Leveraging 15 years of experience in sustainability advisory we are delighted to introduce the following services to help companies transition towards a circular economy for plastics and packaging:

Advisory services

Utilize our network of expert sustainability advisory services to fast-track your strategy and future proof your business.

  • Expedite data gathering
  • Implement plastic reduction strategies to improve your Scorecard
  • Create custom communication collaterals and campaigns (reports, decks, media assets, communication collaterals)
  • Improve environmental, social and governance metrics
  • Access and implement pilots through network of vetted solution providers
  • Launch employee engagement programs

Impact investments

Customize your portfolio of the highest quality impact projects revolutionizing waste management around the world.

We ensure that your reduction plan and every dollar you invest creates the highest amount of environmental impact.

Featured Projects:

Ocean Plastic Collection & Recycling in Indonesia

Mixed Plastic Collection & Recycling in Nepal

Multi-Layered Plastic Recovery in India

Recycling of Flexible Plastics in Zimbabwe

Impact Verification Badges

Extend the reach of your achievements and showcase your progress on your website, products and Scorecard by achieving one of our 6 verifications.

  • (100%) Recycled Products
  • (100%) Recycled Packaging
  • (100%) Recyclable Packaging
  • Plastic Free Products