Together, toward a
world without waste

The Plastic Scorecard’s framework enables your company to strategically reduce plastic waste and transparently communicate your progress and targets.

Join the Movement.
Tackle Plastic Pollution.

Members of the Plastic Scorecard go beyond the status quo by taking measurable actions to reduce plastic waste. Our badge represents a movement of companies actively working to reduce waste across their value chain and beyond. 

Our commitment

We are committed to helping your company achieve and communicate plastic sustainability targets.

The Plastic Scorecard’s framework streamlines the complicated world of reduction targets and verifies progress to ensure accurate and science-based communications.

We want to encourage upstream and downstream impact, so we commit to removing 10,000 nature-bound plastic bottles for every new member. 

Membership benefits

  • Support from advisors and Ampliphi’s platform to streamline your plastics reduction strategy
  • Independent Verification solidifies current and future sustainability targets
  • Utilize your Member Badge, Scorecard and marketing assets to bulletproof communications and unlock business value
  • US Plastic Pact aligned methodology secures peace of mind through an optimized sustainability strategy
  • Access Ampliphi’s Solution Provider Network to accelerate reduction goals and receive exclusive purchasing deals and discount codes
Plastic Scorecard Membership Table Stand

How it works

Register Your Business

  • To begin, schedule a free 30 min consulting call with the expert sustainability advisor assigned to your company.

  • Commit to create your Scorecard and pay the Initial Membership Fee (includes the removal of 10,000 plastic bottles on your behalf)

Measure Your Plastic Footprint 

  • Assess the environmental impact of your operations, products and services through our automated data collection and software tool.

  • Once completed, your plastic assessment will map your hotspots and provide guidance toward optimal reduction strategies.

Commit to Action 

  • Commit to plastic waste reduction targets and consider impact investments.

  • We require all brands to develop and implement Reduction Strategies to reduce waste over the next 12-24 months. Your Scorecard Advisor and our suite of tools will help you craft your action plan.

Publish Your Scorecard Membership

  • After successful approval, your company’s Plastic Scorecard will become visible in our directory.

  • Begin to display your Member Badge on products and packaging and access our marketing assets to amplify storytelling. 

  • Every company will recertify their membership yearly to ensure continuous improvement. 


Our pricing guide for Plastic Scorecard membership. Please contact us for specific pricing for advisory services, impact investments and impact verification badges. 


Small organizations
Starting from
$ 1,500

Per year


Medium organizations
Starting from
$ 3,750

Per year


Large organizations
Starting from
$ 6,000

Per year


The Plastic Scorecard is a first of it’s kind framework that provides brands of all sizes and stages with the blueprint and verification to enable continuous and transparent progress toward a world with less plastic waste.

We currently offer 6 impact verifications: 100% Recycled Products, 100% Recycled Packaging, 100% Recyclable Packaging, Plastic Free Products, Plastic Neutral and Supporting Plastic Cleanups. 

These verifications can be added as badges to your new or existing Scorecard, website and product packaging. 

Contact your sustainability advisor or visit the Services tab to learn more about the process and pricing. 

Today, we are currently focused on consumer brands of any size and budget. 

We are quickly working to expand our reach to offer the Plastic Scorecard to a wider range of companies. 

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our trajectory. 

Ampliphi’s core team, Board of Scientific Advisors and network of partners supported the development of the methodology.

Completing the Plastic Scorecard Checklist will improve your score.

Our advisory services are always at your fingertips to help you achieve any of your sustainability initiatives.