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Pure Mitti enlightens customers to build a toxic-free lifestyle by exposing them to ancient sustainable methods and products while also contributing to a better planet.

Platinum Plastic Scorecard Rating

Plastic Scorecard Rating

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Explore the progress Pure Miti has made toward a circle, low carbon economy.  Every achievement helps to increase their Plastic Scorecard Rating based on how their unique company can create the most effective environmental impact. 

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2025 Targets: US Plastic Pact aligned

Scorecard progress

Scorecard progress

Explore the progress Pure Mitti has made toward a circular, low carbon economy. 

Platinum Plastic Scorecard Rating
Pure Mitti's Progress 90%
Industry Average 37%









10,000 plastic bottles diverted from nature

Plastic recovery in Kerala, India

Project baseline:
Kozhikode is a coastal city in the south Indian state of Kerala, which used to be a significant spice trade center. Over time, it turned into a densely populated city with a public waste management infrastructure that leaves much to be desired.

Project activity:
In collaboration with our Partner Organization Green Worms, your impact investments subsidize the collection and recovery of plastics that are otherwise bound for nature. Your investment incentivizes the collection and transport of flexible plastics from unmanaged landfills, while supporting additional income and health benefits for their all women workforce.


100% Plastic Free Products

Pure Mitti’s entire product line has been verified to be plastic free.

Membership Story

Pure Mitti is working with the Plastic Scorecard to verify their positive impact and share their journey to inspire others. Suniti Ramanujam, the CEO of Pure Mitti, embeds purpose into every aspect of her company. From her determination to almost entirely remove plastics from her products, packaging and operations to helping her customers live healthier lives with less waste.

Through their Plastic Scorecard, Pure Mitti has verified their entire product line to be plastic free, and recovered 10,000 plastic bottles from nature. Their pledge to finance plastic waste recovery pledge through Green Worms directly supports the Kerala community in Southern India.

Note from the Plastic Scorecard

Pure Mitti’s 2023 Plastic Scorecard came to fruition in response to the growing concern of the plastic crisis. The Plastic Scorecard’s missions is to help companies to prioritize environmental stewardship across our organization, and we believe reducing the internal plastic footprint is the most critical critical component.

Pure Mitti believes in a healthy future for their customers and the planet, and verifying their environmental impact was a logical step in the right direction.